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At Sewing Lounge the principal method of sewing instruction is Sewing Support. Occasionally classes and workshops will be scheduled. They are open to people ages 13 and older. By registering for a class it is assumed you have read and agree to Sewing Lounge's Registration and Cancellation Policies.














Book half hour sessions with professional designer and pattern maker Louise Molin. She'll be at the Lounge from 6 - 8 on the second Thursday of the month to adjust patterns, fit test garments, make style changes to existing patterns or help you with whatever fitting and pattern issues you may have.

Minimum Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Times: May 14 from 6 - 6:30 (open), 6:30 - 7 (open) 7 - 7:30 (open) and 7:30 - 8 (open)
June 11 from 6 - 6:30 (open), 6:30 - 7 (open) 7 - 7:30 (open) and 7:30 - 8 (open)
July 9 from 6 - 6:30 (open), 6:30 - 7 (open) 7 - 7:30 (open) and 7:30 - 8 (open)
August 13 from 6 - 6:30 (open), 6:30 - 7 (open) 7 - 7:30 (open) and 7:30 - 8 (open)
Cost $30/half hour
Instructor: Louise Molin
















•All classes will be held at Sewing Lounge. Most maximum class sizes are six students so everyone gets lots of individual attention. Three is the minimum number of students required for most classes to run.

•If you don’t see what you are looking for or the time a class is offered doesn't work with your schedule inquire about private lessons.

•Skill levels indicates the minimum skill required to take a class and are as follows:
Beginner - You are a clean slate
Beginner Plus - You can operate a machine but need to learn skills and build
confidence. Commercial patterns seem confusing.
Advanced Beginner - you can operate a sewing machine, know some basic terms
like grain line and seam allowance and can sort of navigate pattern instructions and
yardage information.
Intermediate - You are halfway there. No longer a beginner but not yet totally
accomplished and feel you’d benefit from some guidance.
Incredible - You are a self-sufficient stitcher and can handle complexity in

•Class and workshop fees cover the times a class or workshop is scheduled and are non-refundable unless the class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment. If you miss a class and would like to make it up you can schedule a private lesson with the instructor which will be subject to their rates.

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If you have never operated a sewing machine, your skills are rusty beyond belief or you've just switched from a mechanical to a computerized machine this may be the class for you. Learn the parts and functions of your machine and become confident in your ability to operate it. You will leave class with your first project, a lined drawstring pouch. (There are a lot of basic sewing techniques in this little project that you can apply to future sewing endeavors.) If you don't have a machine you can use a Lounge machine at no extra charge. Fee includes supplies.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: from noon - 4 on
May 30 (full) and July 25 (6 openings)
Cost: $53
Instructor: Maggy















A basic pattern correctly fit to your figure is an invaluable tool for adjusting commercial patterns.
This class will focus on the bodice and consists of three sessions.

Session I. Measuring
The first step is to be properly measured and requires 15 minutes of your time. Once all the numbers have been gathered Louise will return to her studio and draft a custom bodice pattern for each participant. These can be picked up one week later at the Lounge giving you another week to sew a test of your bodice before returning for the next session.

Session II. Fitting
In half hour appointments each student will have their test bodice fit. Any changes will be transferred to their patterns.

Session III. Demonstration
Everyone returns with their basic bodice pattern and a commercial pattern that needs to be adjusted. Louise will demonstrate how each student will use their new "fitting tool" to adjust a commercial pattern. Since everyone will be present for the last session there is sure to be vicarious learning as you watch how your classmate's patterns are changed.

Please note: For the first two sessions it is important that you wear the same foundation garments typical of what you intend to wear under your soon-to-be-adjusted patterns.

Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate
Times: Session I. June 6 from 10 - 10:15 (booked), 10:15 - 10:30 (booked), 10:30 - 10:45 (booked), 10:45 - 11 (open), 11 - 11:15 (booked) and
11:15 - 11:30 (booked)
Session II. June 20 from 10 - 10:30 (booked), 10:30 - 11 (booked), 11- 11:30 (booked), 11:30 - 12 (booked), 12 - 12:30 (open) and 12:30 - 1 (booked)
Session III. June 27 from 10:00 - 1:00 (6 total openings, 1 opening remains)
Cost: $110
Instructor: Louise Molin



























Susan came to Fitting Support with a mockup of the jacket she wanted to sew along with the fabric she planned to make it up in. Louise fit the mockup and transferred the changes to Susan's pattern. The final result was a spectacular success





This is initially how Sewing Lounge came to be -- I wanted to offer sewers a resource for sewing support. If you can't figure out a sewing project I offer professional guidance. If you need the use of a regular sewing machine or an overlock or industrial machine there are a fleet of them! Straight lines with some embroidery capabilities, home overlocks, 3 industrial straight lines with buttonhole and binding attachments, an industrial serger, coverstich and blind hemmer all at your disposal. Sewing camaraderie is also be a nice way to spend productive leisure time, sometimes presenting the opportunity to learn vicariously.

Prerequisite: You must know how to operate a sewing machine

Times: Whenever the Calendar says "Store Hours" and nothing else is scheduled. Check the Calendar for exact dates and availability
Cost: $12/hour
Instructor: Maggy
Students are welcome to use Lounge machines at no extra charge
and receive 20% off fabric and sewing supplies