Sewing Support

Sewing Support

Get the Support You Need to Learn Sewing

You can do more than buy great fabric at the Sewing Lounge. If Maggy isn't busy using her own studio, you can also create your project in the adjoining sewing workroom. We provide great tables, home and industrial machines, and sewing assistance from Maggy should you need it.

If the Calendar says "Store Hours" and nothing else, the studio is open. Visit us at 987 Selby Avenue in St. Paul. We offer a 20% DISCOUNT on retail for Sewing Support clients.
Benefit from our sewing assistance. Call us to learn more about our sewing support!

“I feel it is necessary now to lay everything bare and so recover the value of making, the meaning of the art which consists of producing something — and so rediscover the pleasure of gesture.”

- Issey Miyake
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