Fine Fabrics 
for Apparel

Choose From Various Kind of Fabrics

Sewing Lounge offers fine fabrics for apparel. From elegant to funky, our interesting collection of fabrics will inspire you to create the garment or wardrobe of your dreams.

Different Types of Fabrics for Your Needs

  • Cotton: The friendliest of fabrics, cotton is easy to sew and comfortable to wear. Among our selection, you'll fine shirtings, voiles, 45” prints and solids as well as interesting bottom weights. We have regular wovens, stretch wovens, knits and blends.
  • Linen: Made from flax, linen is a great summer fabric. We have Irish linens in dress and suiting weights as well as handkerchief linens and linen blends.
  • Rayon: Soft and drapey, rayon can be tricky to handle. At Sewing Lounge, we'll share tips on how to deal with this shifty fabric to ensure you get good results. We have a large selection of rayon knits. Most of our woven rayon fabrics feature interesting prints.
  • Silk: Create garments with an air of elegance or upscale your casual garment with our silks and silk blends.
  • Wool: Sewing Lounge has lovely suitings, Italian crepes, challis, and even some gossamer knits. We also have wool blends - incorporating silk, cotton and rayon with wool produces beautiful drape and interesting texture.
  • Polyester: Polyester has come a long way since the 1970s! Most of our offerings are imported from France and Belgium, just too good to pass up.
  • Acetate, acrylic and nylon: An interesting lining, a funky textured knit, and lovely lace are some of our offerings in this group. These fibers stand on their own or are blended with others to create scintillating fabrics.
  • Modal: A type of rayon with the properties of cotton, Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric made mostly of cellulose. We have some yummy knits from Eileen Fisher, one of my go-to fabrics for leggings!

Sewing Patterns

We have Grainline and Sewing Workshop patterns for easy sewing. Apparel design students and sewing professionals get a 20% DISCOUNT

Create your project at Sewing Lounge! Support, workspace, machines, and equipment are available.

We also carry sewing notions, sewing tools and sewing supplies. Ask about our return policy on notions, if necessary.
Take your pick from the various kinds of fabrics we have! Visit us at 987 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN.
"When I was growing up in the Twin Cities, there were some fabulous fabric stores and I loved sewing. I think I gravitated more to art quilting because I could no longer find fabulous fabrics for clothing unless I went to Rochester or Chicago, or further! Although small, Sewing Lounge owner Maggie has wonderful taste and stocks her store with delicious fabrics."

- Sally Spencer Neckvatal 
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